a proven Turnkey 

 wISP IN A BOX Solution 

BECOME A WISP.com empoweres 

Entrepreneurs, CLEC’s, Telco’s, Satellite Service / Reseller Oganizations, 

Alarm & Security Dealers, Utilities, Municipalities & Cities the ability to provide 

High Speed Broadband Services.


We Proactively Provide Training, Mentoring & Support to your team as well as to your end users – your customers.

Low Time to Market

Network Engineering

Network Security 

Market Research

RF Planning & Licensing

Vendor Partnerships 

Advertising Solutions 

Tower Engineering

Proactive Monitoring 

Glenn Kelley

CEO Mentoring Director

Kathleen Woodard

Director of Happiness 

Edgar Chalfon

Infrastructure Engineer

Jeff Cornett

Chief Marketing Mentor 

Leo “Bud” Johns

Designer of Excellence 

Fred McDevitt 
  • Chief of Legal Poetry


Our Mentors are Dedicated to Your Success and available 24×7 to our members

  • Certified and Licensed. Each have 15+ years in support in their respective fields
  • Our Team is Fully Distributed, meaning we live and work across numerous time zones across North America – and the world.  

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